100% Arabica Coffee

Grown, Roasted and Packaged at the Source

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Kumanday Coffee

The word "Kumanday" means "white, beautiful", it's what indigenous people called snow-covered volcano that towers over the main Colombian coffee growing region.

  • 100% Natural Coffee

    Some of the attributes of our coffee are due to their cultivation in volcanic soils, rich in nutrients.

  • Social Commitment

    This top-grade coffee is grown by small farmers on cooperatives in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The beans are carefully selected and therefore, Kumanday pays quality fees to contribute to sustainable social programs.

  • Experience

    Kumanday is a company whose founders have inherited the tradition initiated by their family in 1875. They also have extensive experience in the coffee industry leading culture of coffee in Europe & Middle East.

Processed with Passion
& High Technology

Our roastery is considered the most modern in Latin America. Cutting edge technology, with fluid bed roasting system (hot air) that guarantees uniformity and consistency in the roasting process.
Thanks to our fluid bed roasting system and low roasting time (under 7 minutes), our coffee is acrylamide free!